BIS Consulting SC Inc. is focused on the areas of WMS implementation, supply chain systems and integration of WMS (Manhattan, WMOS/SCALE, Red Prairie, High Jump, and Marc ES) to ESB, TMS, SAP, and various home grown systems. We have evolved with the industry with many recent success in eCom (B to C) and automation integration projects. We have been the trusted partners / solution providers for some of the largest retail organizations in North America, which is a testament to our high quality standards and 100% commitment to successful delivery.

BIS is a medium-sized boutique organization, with a very specialized focus. Team members have many years of experience in distribution, retail and supply chain, covering both the Operational and IT sides of the business. The BIS methodology always focuses on a “singular project”, with a “same team” concept, working with the customer’s IT and business organizations, alongside other vendor partners, to deliver one solution.

Our customers include some of the largest organizations in Canada and the United States. In addition to systems integration projects, we have implemented over 90 distribution centers throughout North America, along with associated business processes and systems. These deployments include conventional and fully mechanized facilities, in the areas of grocery, 3PL, temperature controlled, general merchandise, apparel, on-line fulfillment, toys, books, CDs, etc.

The various systems implemented include WMS, LM, TMS, Real-time SCV/SCEM, OMS, EAI/ESB/SOA, Web Portal, Business Intelligence / Metrics / Alerting, etc., Detailed Reporting, and extensive interface design and development between WMS + TMS and a customer’s “Enterprise” systems.

The BIS culture, and a key driver to BIS’s success, can
be stated in three words: Whatever It Takes.

Key Success Factors

BIS Consulting SC Inc. recognizes that there are several key factors that determine whether a project will be successful. When taking on a project we ensure these factors are accounted for.

Maintain one Master Project Plan with all tasks and areas of responsibility required for successful WMS implementation.

Prioritize tasks, set completion dates, and assign accountable agents to all tasks. Implement consistent follow-up procedures.

Assign specific areas and tasks to specific resources = make deliverables very clear.

Install structure which emphasizes accountability and task focus. Ensure correct skill set and correct number of resources, by area.

Create strict approval process for scope change. Exhaust cost/benefits of possible alternative before adding new development.

Constantly look for better, faster approaches. Re-schedule tasks that have become non-critical.

Identify and provide extra support for high risk tasks. Increase monitoring and conduct reviews for these tasks.