Fashion Client 1

Program and Project Management Services:Provided detailed program and project management services for WMS implementation project – IT and Operational.

WMS Implementation: Implementation of Logfire (Oracle) WMS system into 170,000 sq/ft distribution centre in China.  DC receives and ships goods throughout Asia for the client.

iWay Integration: Designed and tested ESB integration with iWay, with final destination Client’s SAP system.

Reporting: Reporting, visibility, and alerting.

Fashion Client 2

Implement/Integrate new 3PL Operations: Both Functional bridge between 3PL Partner and Customer IT/Business, and, Technical Integration interfacing and design expert to 3PL Partner and internal Customer SAP/Project Team. 

  • Netherlands (Europe) 3PL: 400,000 sq. ft. Multi-channel DC operation integrated to Legacy Retek (Customer brand, Ecommerce) and SAP ECC FMS (Call It Spring).
  • DDSI (US and CAN goods) 3PL: 550,000 sq. ft. retail DC operation servicing US domestic Customer -owned retail, US wholesale channel, trans-shipment and border clearance of Customer -owned retail, Canada wholesale and Ecommerce (North America) channels.
  • SCI (Canada Fulfillment) DC (2018): transition to new Canada Warehousing and Ecommerce 3PL provider for Canada Retail, Wholesale and Ecommerce. Initially 300,000 sq. ft. growing to 1m. sq. ft. with planned MHE capability for 2019.
  • OEC Asia 3PL DC and Freight Forwarder (2018): On-board new 3PL Warehousing partner with new internal WMS systems for Asia procurement and distribution services to Customer.
  • PT (US Fulfillment) DC (2018): On-board new 3PL operator and consolidate operations in a green-field 1.3 m sq. ft. DC servicing US Retail, Wholesale (and planned Ecommerce 2019).

SAP FMS Retail / Supply Chain Transformation Project:

  • Initial SAP/3PL Deployment: pilot implementation of FMS and 3PL operations world-wide in 2017 with “pilot” retail brand (before continuing with remaining business units/brands in 2018, 2019.
    • WMS Functional and Technical SME: provide WMS domain expertise to SAP FMS solution design team on features, functionality, best-practice and limitations;
    • Freight Forwarder Technical Design, Mapping: lead the functionality requirements gathering, design, mapping and out-sourced EDI translation configuration to implement:
    • WMS Interface/Integration to SAP FMS: SLDC lifecycle from Requirements gathering to post-go-live support of a standard, repeatable, interfacing package used by all 3PL partner integrations using XML as media.
    • Deployment 2 – SAP/3PL (2018): lead the technical and functional implementation of 3 new 3PL partners (Canada, United States, Asia) on WMS on-board and integration; 1 Freight Forwarder partner (Asia, Canada, United States).
    • Deployment 2b – APS / Globo Brand: WMS and Freight SME for functional and technical implementation of next-channel in ALDO Customer group of companies.
    • Deployment 3 – ALDO Brand: Functional and Technical WMS and Freight Forwarding, Customs implementation and testing for 2019 planned completion of Transformation Project.

Fashion Client 3

Distribution Processes:  Performed a full 360 on all distribution and transportation operations and implemented 80+ quick-wins, and several process improvement projects.  Implemented new measurements and KPIs to scorecard performance, including on-time processing and on-time delivery.

Product Flow Strategy:  Designed and implemented a flow method matrix with associated systems and business processes, to flow product from vendors to stores in the most efficient way for that sku, commodity type, vendor, sku importance, service level, etc.  Created mathematical model to flow product in the right factory pack and inner pack quantity.

Inventory Reduction:  Did detailed root cause analysis and implemented improvements in purchasing and flow strategies, to reduce days of supply / increase turns.

Demand Forecasting / Auto Replenishment:  Executed project to improve AR System with respect to product timing and optimal order quantity decisions.

Supply Chain Visibility and Event Management:  Conducted RFI / RFP vendor review for product selection of SCEM system.