Distribution Client 1

Program and Project Management Services: Provided detailed program and project management services for large WMS implementation project – IT and Operational.

WMS Implementations:

  • Implementation of Manhattan SCALE WMS system into national distribution centre – 550,000 sq/ft, Omni Channel with eCom, Home Delivery, Retail Store replenishment, Technician Supply and Parts Distributors. DC has over 80,000 sku’s with onsite kitting process as well as full RMA/Returns process. 
  • Roll out #2, #3 two smaller west coast regional DC’s (aprox 100,000 sq/ft) for same end-to-end implementation.
  • Roll out #4 to new strategic “Green Field” facility 305,000 sq/ft for same end-to-end implementation.

Oracle Integration: ESB SOA integration with Oracle EBS ERP systems.

SCI Reporting: Reporting, visibility, and alerting.

Velocity Slotting: Implementation of DC slotting re-alignment including Manhattan Slotting subsystem.

Distribution Client 2

Manhattan WMOS Configuration build for new sites: wave template creation, task action creation, system codes, transactions, task creation rules. Manhattan 2012 Open System.

Manhattan Implementation with process design for new sites and redesign for existing sites post-implementation

Manhattan Testing: Assist with unit testing of SDNs delivered by Manhattan

Resolve Manhattan WMS Application production issues – conduct analysis, communicate findings and recommendations to appropriate stakeholders and end customer

Develop time efficient and more accurate config data load methods – sql scripts

Build ad hoc queries / reports for Operations and Business Implementation teams

Assist with development of IT Help Desk process for Manhattan WMS Application issues

Distribution Client 3

Manhattan WMOS Implementation and Roll Out: Key BIS resources work with LCL Team and Manhattan to implemented Manh WMOS 2006, replacing current Legacy WMS then rolling out to 21 DC’s.  BIS was heavily involved in the creation and execution of a multi-team warehouse implementation plan to deploy systems to meet very aggressive timelines.  Each team conducted modeling, data setup, any necessary DC re-configuration activities, testing / validation, systems and BP training, implementation, and support. 

SAP-Manhattan WMS Integration: Designed SAP-ESB-Manhattan WMS integration of Master data and Transactional data flows for all Distribution operations.  This large integration project included design, interface mappings, test plans, testing execution, and implementation.

SAP-Legacy Systems Co-Existence: Designed, developed, tested and implemented many of the interfaces between SAP and legacy systems to support the system landscape “Co-Existence” across the entire supply chain. This project is being executed over a planned multi-year roll out of SAP to all corporate sites (DCs and Stores).

Supply Chain integration of two large Tier 1 Canadain Companies (Acquisition): Designed interfacing and integration between Grocery and Pharmaceuticals supply chains. This Involves a 2 phased approach to work during Grocery Co-Existence of SAP/legacy systems and upcoming “End State” when all stores/DCs are running SAP.

WMOS Production Support: WMS Application Production Support for national DC network of 21 DCs.  Support responsibilities include the following: a) 7 x 24 coverage, b) 1st and 2nd level support, including MI Major Incident management, c) Code and configuration rollout, d) DC maintenance, re. data loading, e) Assistance in WMOS DC implementations, including Manh SAP conversions.

SAP-TMS-WMS Order Splitting: Designed order splitting logic and associated integration between SAP, TMS, and WMS for greater than trailer load customer orders.

Manhattan Mechanized Flow-through: Designed Manhattan WMS flow-through logic to deal with dual mechanized and human put-to-store flow-through logic, allowing sortation based on program week launch and category grouping.

SAP Apparel Flow-through: Designed Apparel flow-through integration between Oracle ORMS/ORA planning system, SAP, TMS, and Manhattan WMS.

SAP BlackBox and Repack Optimization: Designed special “BackBox Adapter” integration layer to allow mechanized WMS system (in a special mechanized DC for General Merchandise) to integrate to SAP.  Also designed WMS solution to decouple mechanized repack picking operations, for “pick ahead” requirements, and then subsequent consolidation with conventional pick.

GM and Apparel Consolidation – DC: Executed the solution design, solution build, implementation, and support of Eastern Canada consolidated GM and Apparel facility (green-field), on Legacy WMS.  The scope also included integrating a Western de-stuffing facility, Western store facing facility, flow-through operations, cross dock operations, and integration of 3PL picking systems with Legacy WMS.

WMS Stability & Extended Functionality:

  • Executed project to bring Legacy WMS systems onto a single source code base that could run on both Linux and AIX Unix.
  • Introduced many system and screen flow improvements to stabilize the WMS and reduce down-time and support calls.
  • Introduced extended Legacy functionality for better product lot/code date management, re. Produce and Meat putaway, replen, picking.

Streamline Mechanization DC: Post-implementation, assessed operations, mechanization, and warehouse systems.  Designed and built solutions to streamline replenishment, implement reverse pick flow through, and increase system performance.


  • DC 1: MARC WMS – Siemans Dematic – CMS, P2V (Pick-to-voice), Eaches Pick-to-tote, Case-pick-to-belt (pallet flow and case flow), PIR (Pick-in-reserve) / Slapper pick to belt (floating skus), Shipping sortation to finger lanes, and Palletization.
  • DC 2: Rapistan (with Legacy WMS) Slat-shoe Sorter, 24 Lanes, fed from 5 multi-level pick modules.  Inline Weight catch weight capture on variable weight product.
  • DC 3: Real Time Solution Pick to Light (now FKI_LOGISTEX) used for batch pick and put in multiple carousel modules (2000 Bins) and picktower (600 pallet locations) – integrated with Legacy WMS.   Mathews Conveyors with custom written (QDATA) 16 lanes sortation package.  (This was used for Feemont’s bond room, for all LCL’s Ontario tobacco distribution).

Manhattan WMOS Optimization: Designed (along with Customer), built, and deployed various WMS workflow optimizations related to work-queue prioritization, advanced interleaving, congestion control, pallet pick (stacking) optimization, hot-loading, etc.

Industrial Engineering Support: Manage, schedule and conduct DC Pre-Audits including CAD, LM, PM and SOP validations and clean up. Also, study floor operations and make System Functional and/or Process recommendations for productivity improvement.   Manage, schedule and conduct the Interleave Legacy WMS functionality implementations from DC to DC including data set up, training and optimization “fine tuning”.

Program and Project Management Services: Provided comprehensive program and project management services that included project rescue and accelerated delivery services for both IT and Business projects across a number of areas including store back office, SAP, Food Inspection and Safety, Apparel, Pharmacy, Time and Attendance and POS.

Distribution Client 4

Systems Integration: Integrated Manhattan WMOS Warehouse Management System and TP&E Transportation Management System. Designed detailed Systems Architecture, built all associated use cases, XML data mappings, etc. Created detailed design specifications for interface flows, logging, error handling, recovery, end-of-day synchronization, etc., in terms of Host Systems processing of Manhattan interfaces, in and out.

Systems Involved: The scope of services included connecting the following systems: Manhattan WMOS, TP&E TMS, webMethods, Host Gateway, Order Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Billing, Vendor Payment, Freight Bill with match pay, Reporting, Financials, and EDI (810 Invoice, 850 PO, 856 ASN, 210 Freight Bill, 204 Load Tender, 990 Response to Tender).

Business Process Design: Assessed current-state business processes and designed all required “integrated” future-state business processes, along with assumptions and business impacts related to the implementation of the new systems. Assisted in communication and training across the various functional areas.

Integration Testing: Built master Integration Test Plans, bringing together Customer’s Business and IT areas, software vendors, etc. Integration Test Plans covered all use cases, “happy cases”, complex cases, and exception cases, and tested flows from start to end of a full business transaction, including its manifestation in all downstream systems (such as EDI, Reporting, Financials, etc.) and associated business processes. Testing also included A/B testing (matching current output with new output).

All of the above was done in partnership with the Customer, the software vendors, and other integration services vendors, to achieve a single successful solution that was well documented, supportable, recoverable, and met/exceeded the transactional performance requirements of the organization.