The BIS PMO (Project Management Office)  Overview

  • Full-service, value-added, program, and project management group that covers program and project audit, rescue, execution, and optimization. We provide fantastic PMs that are adept at providing a helping hand leading and directing your team, be it as a helping hand or at running a project in its entirety.
  • Our program and project managers have diverse backgrounds in IT and Business and are multi-disciplinary domain experts in the following areas:
    • Time and Attendance and Workforce Management
    • Transportation
    • Retail – consumer-facing and manufacturing
    • Demand and Fulfillment
    • Loss Prevention
    • Pharmacy Operations
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Our delivery methodology commences with waterfall or SAFE Agile but is then adapted to incorporate client-specific requirements. Throughout the lifecycle of the project we have weekly health-checks to identify and address any risks before they become issues. The health-check covers the following areas:
    • Financial compliance and health
    • Delivery compliance and health
    • Solution compliance and health
  • Or execution methodology has allowed us to successfully deliver $80+ million dollars of projects and $300+ million dollars of ROI for our customers.

Apparel Project Lifecycle Management

  • Solutioned and deployed a brand new apparel PLM tool within an established business
  • Business benefits included a single KPI dashboard for all aspects of the apparel business including manufacturing and vendor scorecards allowing for IMU (initial markup) improvement across the business
  • The project delivered top-line sales improvement for the business

Mobile POS

  • Designed and deployed a mobile checkout solution that was integrated into an existing point of sale
  • Deployed 1000 bi-lingual mobile POS units to ~400 stores
  • Business benefits included a much improved customer experience, via line-busting, during high-volume periods (Christmas)

Technology Stack Replatform

  • Replaformed an entire back-office platform from end-of-life to a supported operating system
  • This project included the migration, refactoring, substituting, and regression testing custom-coded software components
  • Delivered a light-touch highly-automated deployment tool to reduce roll-out costs

Point of Sale Release Planning

  • Delivered a streamlined process for six annual releases of the POS into production
  • This process included the collection and prioritization of requests from numerous business units
  • The establishment of a funding model to differentiate between IT and Business requests
  • The establishment of an overlapping testing pipeline to reduce the testing cycles but still, ensure adequate coverage
  • The hand-off of the release to production support and the impacted stores

Employee Discount Program

  • Implemented an automated solution tying the employee discount program to a customer loyalty program thereby eliminating the need for an employee discount card
  • This project eliminated ~90,000 custom cards and the associated replacement and management of those cards
  • Integrated the HR system into workflow for automated provisioning, thereby eliminating the manual maintenance of each employee in the program

Employee Shift Scheduling Project

  • Implemented an employee self-service capability to swap shifts and flag availability via their mobile phones
  • The project resulting in a multi-million labour savings by eliminating the need for managers to get involved with employee shift schedules

Cosmetic Dermatology Stores

  • Delivered a project to integrate cosmetic dermatology services into existing retail locations. This represented a new revenue stream for an established business
  • Delivery of software integration, site setup, rollout and stabilization

Pharmacy Acquisitions

  • Executed a project to integrate 40 independent pharmacies into an existing pharmacy business thereby expanding the service coverage and customer foot print
  • Delivery included integration of POS and RX systems, data conversion, infrastructure normalization, and process standardization

Retails Label and Signage

  • Designed and deployed multi-lingual retail signage solution for 1400 stores
  • The solution delivered customer-facing signs and labels that were used to promote various marketing strategies including pricing promotions and customer loyalty

Quality Inspection Management and Quality Management

  • Designed and delivered an SAP QM (Quality Management) and QIM (Qualitiy Incident Management) across all distribution centers in a network
  • The solution required extensive integration with SAP ECC, Opentext Content Server, SAP Portal, and numerous third-party vendors
  • The solution was used by the Food Safety teams for audit management, vendor performance, and food certification
  • The solution provided a single source for the monitoring and associated corrective actions to help reduce consumer incidents and product recalls