Industrial Engineering Support and Maintenance

IE & Process Optimization Client 1

DC Layout and Optimization: Completed an overall plant layout that meets all of client’s customer Ergonomic and Safety requirements. Analyze Plant Flow to identify and remove bottlenecks; Incorporate Flow Constraints in new plant design. Complete Overall Warehouse Sizing initiative based on both Client’s customer and Industry Best Practices. Ensure plant existing layout is accurately reflected in CAD drawings. Explore alternative layout options utilizing CAD design and presenting options to plant management team

Design Work Cell and Racking Layouts: prepare equipment requirements list to implement solutions. Utilize Data Analysis tools to gather, analyze, and develop action plans for plant move initiatives.

Manage installation of MHE related to new work cell design: Work with operations and installation teams to ensure proper installation of equipment

Project Management: Interface with Client’s customer Executive, Operations, and hourly (unionized) team on various initiatives at the Oakville MSC. Coordinate work plans between Client’s team and external contractors. Interface and direct hourly unionized staff related to the “shutdown”

DC Operational Optimization: Analyze DC to identify and improve operations related to shipping, receiving, inventory control, slotting, etc. “Just in” Sequence Parts Delivery (Cell Operations, Inventory Storage, and Layout Opportunities)

IE & Process Optimization Client 2

  • Conducted fork lift standard opportunity analysis.
  • Trained management/Supervision on proper assembly techniques.
  • Led a team to Audit, analyze all operational processes and apply industry best practices and update/build SOP’s (WI).
    • All Opportunities recorded and prioritized based on impact (benefit)
    • Evolved Opportunities by factoring implementation/investment costs and time lines and quantifying ROI with actual dollars (working with Ops, IT and Finance)
  • Implementation of Engineered Labour Standards for Fork Lifts, including training for management, supervisors and operators.
  • Reassessment of all Assembly Standards, both Data (supporting documentation) and improved logic and best practices, along with implementation strategy and training
  • Project Management to support project deliverables between IT and operations.

IE & Process Optimization Client 3

  • Implement and Audit Engineered Labor Standards in Distribution Centers and Retail Operations.
  • Developed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for Distribution Centers and Retail Operations. Canada.
  • Work measurement and ergonomic studies.
  • Data study & collection for engineered work stds & process improvement initiatives. Methods include: MOST analysis, time study, motion study, methods of engineering, statistical analysis (regression analysis, correlation analysis, etc.), and work sampling to develop & maintain production standards.
  • Drive continuous process improvement initiatives.
  • Review & assess efficiencies within the business & apply industrial engineering techniques to maximize facility performance.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities & develop performance assessment measures & stds.
  • Perform cost/benefit analyses of existing & new processes
  • Work with the client management team on cost analysis studies, productivity improvements, and best practice implementation.
  • Audit facility operations to ensure operational processes, labor standards & customer service goals are maintained.
  • Provide support and training to management teams and operators within the facility.

IE & Process Optimization Client 4

  • Created functional specifications for labour standards triple pallet jacks functionality, over saw technical specifications and conducted all UAT testing with the IT development team.
  • Implemented MARC ES WMS and LS system into 875,000 sq ft multi WAC green field facility with focus on Systems effect on performance and productivity
  • Implemented Manhattan WMS and LS system into 450,000 sq ft multi WAC green field facility with focus on Systems effect on performance and productivity.
  • Developing with the IT team, real time reporting and processes on Labour standards reports and other key Sr management KPI reports.
  • Created and prepared productivity reports/estimates.
  • Trained supervisors on scheduling, time blocks, and labour standards.