Program and Project Management Services: Provided detailed program and project management services for large WMS implementation project – IT and Operational.

WMS Implementations:

  • Implementation of Manhattan SCALE WMS system into national distribution centre – 550,000 sq/ft, Omni Channel with eCom, Home Delivery, Retail Store replenishment, Technician Supply and Parts Distributors. DC has over 80,000 sku’s with onsite kitting process as well as full RMA/Returns process. 
  • Roll out #2, #3 two smaller west coast regional DC’s (aprox 100,000 sq/ft) for same end-to-end implementation.
  • Roll out #4 to new strategic “Green Field” facility 305,000 sq/ft for same end-to-end implementation.

Oracle Integration: ESB SOA integration with Oracle EBS ERP systems.

SCI Reporting: Reporting, visibility, and alerting.

Velocity Slotting: Implementation of DC slotting re-alignment including Manhattan Slotting subsystem.

Manhattan WMOS 2017 Gold Image:

  • Project Summary: DHL as an organization is looking to move away from Manhattan WMI DB2 system to a Manhattan WMOS 2017 web-based WMS system. The goal of the project is to create a GOLD image of the WMOS application to match the WMI system as a base line and incorporate all new base functionality of the new WMOS system.
  • Project Management: Preparing timeline for Configuration, Unit Testing, Interface mapping and integration testing to meet DHL need to onboard new and existing clients to the WMOS platform.
  • Business Analysis: Performing Configuration of Base WMOS functionality, Documentation of that configuration, Unit testing of all functionality within WMOS to meet DHL standards. Working with IT team to test all interfaces to multiple host systems including Sterling OMS, Manhattan Billing Management and a home-grown CMS system.

WMS Implementations:

  • DC 1 WMI 2017: Provided onsite support to user on the floor as well as technical support and resolution of system issues
  • DC 2 WMI 2017: Provided onsite support to user on the floor as well as technical support and resolution of system issues
  • DC 3 WMI 2017: Provided onsite support to user on the floor as well as technical support and resolution of system issues

World Wide ECOM Work Instruction Standardization:

  • System: Manhattan WMI
  • Project Summary: Standardize all work instructions and process flows for all of their ecommerce facilities worldwide. Currently each facility has their own version of the same work instruction. The goal of the project is to standardize all work instructions and processes to enable customer to bring on new clients faster and give the flexibility to move their work force between facilities with no down time.
  • Project Management: BIS is responsible to create the project plan, time line and assign roles and responsibilities for each task and manage both DHL business and IT assets in multiple countries to participate in the creation and signoff of all documents.
  • Business analysis: Preparation of system related flows and creation of first draft of work instructions. DHL business team will then add in customer verbiage to the document which is then reviewed and approved by the BIS team before moving for customer operational approval.

Word Wide ECOM SCI report Standardization:

  • System: Manhattan WMI
  • Project Summary: customer ecommerce has a combined 200+ SCI reports for various facilities and clients. Reports are currently in SCI but are deemed to be inefficient or not needed. Also customer utilizes Excel refresh for additional reporting above and beyond these 200+ SCI reports. The goal of this project is to consolidate all reports inside and outside SCI to 59 reports to be used by all facilities globally.
  • Project Management: BIS is responsible to create the project plan, time line and assign roles and responsibilities for each task and manage both customer business and IT assets in multiple countries to participate in the creation and signoff of all documents.
  • Business Analysis: BIS team is responsible to stream line all SCI queries and report pages to consolidate all reports into the 59 mentioned above. BIS is also responsible to create new reports within SCI in place of any and all Excel Refresh reports or dashboard as well as the naming convention for all reports to improve and clean up the current SCI environment.
  • UAT Testing: BIS is responsible to perform all UAT testing and validate all reports meet customer requirements as well as support after deployment.

new client recruitment:

  • Participated in multiple presentation with the DHL team to new clients. Provided Business and technical expertise in order to support DHL vision for each new client in order to help DHL win new business.

Program and Project Management Services: Lead for all program and project management services as well a analysts for a Greenfield WMS implementation and Roll Out – IT and Operational.

WMS Implementations:

  • Implementation of Manhattan SCALE WMS system into a provincial distribution centre – 75,000 sq/ft, Omni Channel with eCom and Retail Store replenishment. DC has over 8,000 sku’s with requiring strict Lot/Date control as well as a returns process. 
  • Roll out #2, of a much larger facility. Design is currently in progress by BIS.

MS365 / Shopify Integration: Integration with MS 365 ERP systems.

SCI Reporting: Reporting, visibility, and alerting.

LMS: Implementation of DC optimized slotting and Operations management reporting and SOP’s to meet customer KPI’s.

Manhattan SCALE WMS: Project management and detailed implementation of 5 DCs on Manhattan SCALE WMS, from small parts (pick-and-pack) distribution to home appliances (clamping operations).

Integration with SAP: Project management, design, testing, and implementation of Manhattan interfaces with SAP ERP.

IBM WebSphere eCom: Project management of end-to-end testing and implementation of new WebSphere eCommerce system with SAP and WMS.

EDI Integration: Project management and assistance in design of EDI interfaces between Customer’s ERP – EDI systems with Legacy EDI – WMS systems, for EDI 943, 856, 944, 940, 945, 947, 846, 888.

Program and Project Management Services:Provided detailed program and project management services for WMS implementation project – IT and Operational.

WMS Implementation: Implementation of Logfire (Oracle) WMS system into 170,000 sq/ft distribution centre in China.  DC receives and ships goods throughout Asia for the client.

iWay Integration: Designed and tested ESB integration with iWay, with final destination Client’s SAP system.

Reporting: Reporting, visibility, and alerting.

Implement/Integrate new 3PL Operations: Both Functional bridge between 3PL Partner and ALDO IT/Business, and, Technical Integration interfacing and design expert to 3PL Partner and internal ALDO SAP/Project Team. 

  • Netherlands (Europe) 3PL: 400,000 sq. ft. Multi-channel DC operation integrated to Legacy Retek (ALDO brand, Ecommerce) and SAP ECC FMS (Call It Spring).
  • DDSI (US and CAN goods) 3PL: 550,000 sq. ft. retail DC operation servicing US domestic ALDO-owned retail, US wholesale channel, trans-shipment and border clearance of ALDO-owned retail, Canada wholesale and Ecommerce (North America) channels.
  • SCI (Canada Fulfillment) DC (2018): transition to new Canada Warehousing and Ecommerce 3PL provider for Canada Retail, Wholesale and Ecommerce. Initially 300,000 sq. ft. growing to 1m. sq. ft. with planned MHE capability for 2019.
  • OEC Asia 3PL DC and Freight Forwarder (2018): On-board new 3PL Warehousing partner with new internal WMS systems for Asia procurement and distribution services to ALDO.
  • PT (US Fulfillment) DC (2018): On-board new 3PL operator and consolidate operations in a green-field 1.3 m sq. ft. DC servicing US Retail, Wholesale (and planned Ecommerce 2019).

SAP FMS Retail / Supply Chain Transformation Project:

  • Initial SAP/3PL Deployment: pilot implementation of FMS and 3PL operations world-wide in 2017 with “pilot” retail brand (before continuing with remaining business units/brands in 2018, 2019.
    • WMS Functional and Technical SME: provide WMS domain expertise to SAP FMS solution design team on features, functionality, best-practice and limitations;
    • Freight Forwarder Technical Design, Mapping: lead the functionality requirements gathering, design, mapping and out-sourced EDI translation configuration to implement:
    • WMS Interface/Integration to SAP FMS: SLDC lifecycle from Requirements gathering to post-go-live support of a standard, repeatable, interfacing package used by all 3PL partner integrations using XML as media.
    • Deployment 2 – SAP/3PL (2018): lead the technical and functional implementation of 3 new 3PL partners (Canada, United States, Asia) on WMS on-board and integration; 1 Freight Forwarder partner (Asia, Canada, United States).
    • Deployment 2b – APS / Globo Brand: WMS and Freight SME for functional and technical implementation of next-channel in ALDO group of companies.
    • Deployment 3 – ALDO Brand: Functional and Technical WMS and Freight Forwarding, Customs implementation and testing for 2019 planned completion of Transformation Project.

Manhattan WMOS Implementation and Roll Out: Key BIS resources work with LCL Team and Manhattan to implemented Manh WMOS 2006, replacing current Legacy WMS (Marc ES) then rolling out to 21 DC’s.  BIS was heavily involved in the creation and execution of a multi-team warehouse implementation plan to deploy systems to meet very aggressive timelines.  Each team conducted modeling, data setup, any necessary DC re-configuration activities, testing / validation, systems and BP training, implementation, and support. 

SAP-Manhattan WMS Integration: Designed SAP-ESB-Manhattan WMS integration of Master data and Transactional data flows for all Distribution operations.  This large integration project included design, interface mappings, test plans, testing execution, and implementation.

SAP-Legacy Systems Co-Existence: Designed, developed, tested and implemented many of the interfaces between SAP and legacy systems to support the system landscape “Co-Existence” across the entire supply chain. This project is being executed over a planned multi-year roll out of SAP to all corporate sites (DCs and Stores).

Supply Chain integration of two large Tier 1 Canadain Companies (Aquistion): Designed interfacing and integration between Grocery and Pharmaceuticals supply chains. This Involves a 2 phased approach to work during LCL’s Co-Existence of SAP/legacy systems and upcoming “End State” when all LCL stores/DCs are running SAP.

WMOS Production Support: WMS Application Production Support for national DC network of 21 DCs.  Support responsibilities include the following: a) 7 x 24 coverage, b) 1st and 2nd level support, including MI Major Incident management, c) Code and configuration rollout, d) DC maintenance, re. data loading, e) Assistance in WMOS DC implementations, including Manh SAP conversions.

SAP-TMS-WMS Order Splitting: Designed order splitting logic and associated integration between SAP, TMS, and WMS for greater than trailer load customer orders.

Manhattan Mechanized Flow-through: Designed Manhattan WMS flow-through logic to deal with dual mechanized and human put-to-store flow-through logic, allowing sortation based on program week launch and category grouping.

SAP Apparel Flow-through: Designed Apparel flow-through integration between Oracle ORMS/ORA planning system, SAP, TMS, and Manhattan WMS.

SAP BlackBox and Repack Optimization: Designed special “BackBox Adapter” integration layer to allow mechanized WMS system (in a special mechanized DC for General Merchandise) to integrate to SAP.  Also designed WMS solution to decouple mechanized repack picking operations, for “pick ahead” requirements, and then subsequent consolidation with conventional pick.

GM and Apparel Consolidation –  DC: Executed the solution design, solution build, implementation, and support of Eastern Canada consolidated GM and Apparel facility (green-field), on Legacy WMS.  The scope also included integrating a Western de-stuffing facility, Western store facing facility, flow-through operations, cross dock operations, and integration of 3PL picking systems with Legacy WMS.

WMS Stability & Extended Functionality:

  • Executed project to bring Legacy WMS systems onto a single source code base that could run on both Linux and AIX Unix.
  • Introduced many system and screen flow improvements to stabilize the WMS and reduce down-time and support calls.
  • Introduced extended Legacy functionality for better product lot/code date management, re. Produce and Meat putaway, replen, picking.

Streamline Mechanization DC: Post-implementation, assessed operations, mechanization, and warehouse systems.  Designed and built solutions to streamline replenishment, implement reverse pick flow through, and increase system performance.


  • DC 1: MARC WMS – Siemans Dematic – CMS, P2V (Pick-to-voice), Eaches Pick-to-tote, Case-pick-to-belt (pallet flow and case flow), PIR (Pick-in-reserve) / Slapper pick to belt (floating skus), Shipping sortation to finger lanes, and Palletization.
  • DC 2: Rapistan (with Legacy WMS) Slat-shoe Sorter, 24 Lanes, fed from 5 multi-level pick modules.  Inline Weight catch weight capture on variable weight product.
  • DC 3: Real Time Solution Pick to Light (now FKI_LOGISTEX) used for batch pick and put in multiple carousel modules (2000 Bins) and picktower (600 pallet locations) – integrated with Legacy WMS.   Mathews Conveyors with custom written (QDATA) 16 lanes sortation package.  (This was used for Feemont’s bond room, for all LCL’s Ontario tobacco distribution).

Manhattan WMOS Optimization: Designed (along with Customer), built, and deployed various WMS workflow optimizations related to work-queue prioritization, advanced interleaving, congestion control, pallet pick (stacking) optimization, hot-loading, etc.

Industrial Engineering Support: Manage, schedule and conduct DC Pre-Audits including CAD, LM, PM and SOP validations and clean up. Also, study floor operations and make System Functional and/or Process recommendations for productivity improvement.   Manage, schedule and conduct the Interleave Legacy WMS functionality implementations from DC to DC including data set up, training and optimization “fine tuning”.

Program and Project Management Services: Provided comprehensive program and project management services that included project rescue and accelerated delivery services for both IT and Business projects across a number of areas including store back office, SAP, Food Inspection and Safety, Apparel, Pharmacy, Time and Attendance and POS.

Manhattan IT Team:

  • Manhattan WMOS Configuration: Capture requirements, Develop configuration and setup WMS with required functionality and behaviour.
  • Manhattan Design and Support: Work with vendor to design enhancements to the WMS. Work with project groups (QA, Management, Business and DC) to drive issues to resolution.  Analyze, clarify and work through issues raised by QA and business teams.  Support development and vendor teams to resolve issues.
  • Develop SQL and queries to analyze data and update key information provided from external systems or teams
  • Manhattan Implementation
    • Co-ordinate and lead implementation teams across multiple groups.
    • Co-ordinate data conversion activities from Legacy WMS to new Manhattan WMOS.
    • Develop Implementation plans.
  • Manhattan System performance Work with other groups to troubleshoot WMS system performance issues. Technology in use: AIX 6L, Oracle 11g, Oracle SQL, Cognos, Windows .asp

Manhattan Business / Ops Team:

  • Manhattan Design: Work with Operations, 3PL, IT, and Manhattan Vendor to design required WMOS software mods.
  • Manhattan Testing: Execute detailed testing of Manh WMOS mods and configuration, before going into Production (UAT).
  • Manhattan Implementation: Create implementation micro-plans, execute training, configure, implement, and support Manh WMOS into Shoppers Drug Mart DCs.

Manhattan WMOS Configuration build for new sites: wave template creation, task action creation, system codes, transactions, task creation rules. Manhattan 2012 Open System.

Manhattan Implementation with process design for new sites and redesign for existing sites post-implementation

Manhattan Testing: Assist with unit testing of SDNs delivered by Manhattan

Resolve Manhattan WMS Application production issues – conduct analysis, communicate findings and recommendations to appropriate stakeholders and end customer

Develop time efficient and more accurate config data load methods – sql scripts

Build ad hoc queries / reports for Operations and Business Implementation teams

Assist with development of IT Help Desk process for Manhattan WMS Application issues

Deploy WMS Lite to the WLSC and hubs:  Structure of the cadence, rationale for the sequence of sites.  Staffing strategy and team structure.

Manage the Engagement program for each hub:  Executive/Partner Kick-Off.  Chair weekly Operations Calls with each site—Carrier Leads and Transport Team for Knowledge Transfer, setup decisions on Locations, Users, Routes, Stores; Action Items for Hub or Transport Team Members; Readiness Assessment.  Micro-schedule for the 2 on-site weeks including rotate in and out of support team staff.

Support Training the trainers responsible for hub training:  Arrange for the data setup for training.  Execute the initial training for DC and Hub Pilot Users (expectation that on ensuing rollouts NWC Staff will take the lead)

Spearhead the warranty and compliance:  Review calls with the hubs. Transition hubs from project warranty to standard support

SME on WMSLite:  Through Story-Boarding, Trial and Error, interviews with Lead Developer:  Guide Business Team on SOPs and approaches to mitigate areas of design-limitations.

Write WMSLite SOPs:  Part Process, Part User Guide (in lieu of Vendor Software Guide).  Repeatable Training Deck for in-class sessions (although primarily hands-on demo with students following along concurrently).

Liaison to IT Project Manager Team:  Influence meeting content, ensure business participation, police a “users” point of view, suggest methods and practices from our experience with large implementation projects.  Co-Author Steering Committee presentations.  Encourage escalation and full disclosure to Business.

Coach, Mentor the Lead Business Team members, QA:  Suggest ideas, counsel, recommend additional steps where possible to assist the two principle leads (DC, Transport)—tips of the trade based on experience since they are younger resources.

DC Layout and Optimization:  Completed an overall plant layout that meets all of Ford’s Ergonomic and Safety requirements.  Analyze Plant Flow to identify and remove bottlenecks; Incorporate Flow Constraints in new plant design.  Complete Overall Warehouse Sizing initiative based on both Ford and Industry Best Practices. Ensure plant existing layout is accurately reflected in CAD drawings. Explore alternative layout options utilizing CAD design and presenting options to plant management team

Design Work Cell and Racking Layouts: prepare equipment requirements list to implement solutions.  Utilize Data Analysis tools to gather, analyze, and develop action plans for plant move initiatives.

Manage installation of MHE related to new work cell design: Work with operations and installation teams to ensure proper installation of equipment

Project Management:  Interface with Ford Executive, Operations, and hourly (unionized) team on various initiatives at the Oakville MSC.  Coordinate work plans between Ford team and external contractors.  Interface and direct hourly unionized staff related to the “shutdown”

DC Operational Optimization:  Analyze DC to identify and improve operations related to shipping, receiving, inventory control, slotting, etc.  “Just in” Sequence Parts Delivery (Cell Operations, Inventory Storage, and Layout Opportunities)

WMS Documentation:  Delivered detailed systems documentation (application, platform-stack, data model/schema, integration) for the full WMS and 3PL Billing systems.

Enterprise App Documentation:  Delivered detailed application architecture blueprint of all enterprise-wide systems, integration flows, and underlying platform-stack.

Infrastructure Documentation:  Delivered detailed infrastructure blueprint of all enterprise-wise data centres, racks, blades, storage, Voip, etc.

Truckmate Reporting:  Delivered various activity and KPI reports from Truckmate TMS database, via Crystal and TM Control Centre dashboard.

RedPrairie WMS Voice:  Implementation of Voice picking with Vocollect and RedPrairie.  Materially improved picking efficiency.

RedPrairie Upgrade:  Executed project management and business analysis for RP2006 version upgrade to RP2009.

DC WMS Implementation:  Implemented new DC with RedPrairie WMS, housing multiple 3PL customers.

Robotic Pick and Pack System:  BIS played the lead integrator role in implementing the first ever robotic pick and pack solution for variable sized product, picking to specific and varying store orders.  Mechanization included print-and-apply, tare pre-weight, multi-sku robotic cell pick-line with mechanized pick-and-pass, mechanized replenishment feed to robot head, in-line weight tolerance check, and auto-taper.  This solution implemented into the two largest Imperial Tobacco facilities in Canada (Brampton and Montreal).

Cubing & Load Balancing:  Also, designed load balancing systems for above mechanized picking.  And assisted in cubing algorithms that best deciding how product should be oriented into containers, based on shape, stability, etc.

Integration with WMS:  Designed real-time socket integration (bi-directional) between Manhattan WMS and RCS (Robotic Control System).

Oracle EBS ERP:  Rogers hired BIS to assist in post-implementation help related to recent Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) go-live.  Within first 4 weeks, order flow, returns processing, and inventory integrity was dramatically improved to business-as-usual state service level.  BIS executed detailed root-cause analysis of top impacting issues, formulated detailed solutions, and drove implementation of each resolution.

Quick-wins:  After stabilization work, BIS continued to implement identified quick-wins to further streamline order fulfillment and DC operations.

Supply Chain Next Phase:  BIS continued after Quick-wins to define medium and long-term higher investment opportunities.  Opportunities / project definitions went into medium and long term supply chain strategic planning and budgeting.

Ajax DC Implementation:  Implemented green-field 1.1M sq.ft. Eastern facility with flows including Grocery, Produce, Dairy, and Meat, along with cross-dock operations, on MARC WMS.  Special consideration applied to lot capture and code data management.

Systems Integration:  Designed (use cases, detailed mappings (XML, flat-file, etc.), interface flows, error handling, etc.), developed, and implemented Enterprise Service Bus, SOA, and web services solution, integrating all company systems, including WMS, TMS, Billing, Financials, Enterprise System, SCV, and EDI.

SCV and BI:  Designed and implemented complete supply chain visibility system, business intelligence, and portal system, to provide network-wide visibility for track-and-trace, real-time status, on-time departure metrics, inventory quality metrics, DC productivity metrics at region level, DC level, and employee level, by pick-type, DC capacity monitoring, DC slotting optimization, etc.  …all fully internet available, with views and security for internal customers and external customers.

WMS Process and Functional Designs:  Designed advanced product flow strategies to improve productivity, along with functional and technical specifications for WMS software development.  Advanced designs included extensions to LMS for receiving and loading, bulk storage management, putaway around forward pick optimization, paper pick for awkward and very small DCs, VNA logic, pallet build optimization (heavy, light, crushable), top-pick functionality, cross-dock consolidation, flow-through reverse pick, QC programs, and many other optimizations.

WMS Rollout:  Implemented MARC WMS systems and associated SOPs into 25 distribution centers.

RFI/RFP:  Conducted RFI/RFP process for Middleware, Portal, Reporting, and EDI systems.

Coordinated technical resources and business resources, and linkages to other business and tech areas including networking, server admin, database, security, billing, transportation, EDI, etc., including coordination of vendor project teams.

WMS RFP/RFI Execution: Analyzed and defined current state and future state requirements and produced a business requirements document (BRD).  Managed and executed an extensive Tier 1 WMS RFP with BIS 6 Step methodology using Matrix weighted scoring to pick best WM and develop gap list prior to contract negotiations.

SAP ERP Regression Testing: Extensive documenting of how the system worked in its current state, followed by detailed execution of testing the system after a full system upgrade.

Performance Testing:  For 2007, modeled, designed, built MHE testing scaffolding + processes, and executed load testing to accurately simulate peak season volumes to validate hardware/server, network, database, and software performance of the company’s warehouse management systems (and associated integration).

Distribution Processes:  Performed a full 360 of all distribution, MHE, and product flow operational processes, and created future state designs / BPs.  MHE processes included Pick-and-Pass Zone Pick, Put-to-Light, Case Pick to Induction, and Flow-through Ship Sortation.

Product Flow Strategy:  Implemented new processes for more streamlined mechanized cross dock operations.  Implemented new flow strategy for mechanized flow through operations.  Implemented improved processes for reverse logistics.

Mechanization:  Rapistan Rapidpick Pick to Light system used for Batch Put to Store operation (250 Store Put Locations).  Pick-and-Pass Area and 24 Lane Ship Sorter (Pop Up Divert) with Rapistan Conveyor, and Custom Written Sortation Software.

Warehouse Management:  Built best practices and detailed future state operating procedures.  Assisted in the design and implementation of interfaces to SAP and other company host systems.  Assisted in processes and interfaces for integration with mechanization – pick-and-pass, put-to-light, and ship sortation.

Integration:  Assisted in integration analysis, design, development support, and testing between various company systems.

Systems Integration: Integrated Manhattan WMOS Warehouse Management System and TP&E Transportation Management System.  Designed detailed Systems Architecture, built all associated use cases, XML data mappings, etc.  Created detailed design specifications for interface flows, logging, error handling, recovery, end-of-day synchronization, etc., in terms of Host Systems processing of Manhattan interfaces, in and out.

Systems Involved: The scope of services included connecting the following systems:  Manhattan WMOS, TP&E TMS, webMethods, Host Gateway, Order Management, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Billing, Vendor Payment, Freight Bill with match pay, Reporting, Financials, and EDI (810 Invoice, 850 PO, 856 ASN, 210 Freight Bill, 204 Load Tender, 990 Response to Tender).

Business Process Design: Assessed current-state business processes and designed all required “integrated” future-state business processes, along with assumptions and business impacts related to the implementation of the new systems.  Assisted in communication and training across the various functional areas.

Integration Testing: Built master Integration Test Plans, bringing together Customer’s Business and IT areas, software vendors, etc.  Integration Test Plans covered all use cases, “happy cases”, complex cases, and exception cases, and tested flows from start to end of a full business transaction, including its manifestation in all downstream systems (such as EDI, Reporting, Financials, etc.) and associated business processes.  Testing also included A/B testing (matching current output with new output).

All of the above was done in partnership with the Customer, the software vendors, and other integration services vendors, to achieve a single successful solution that was well documented, supportable, recoverable, and met/exceeded the transactional performance requirements of the organization.

WMS Project/Program Management: Worked with Sr. Management to define and incorporate into an executable plan their vision, milestones and success criteria expectations.  Managed a team of 15 full time and consultant resources to procure, modify and integrate a WMS with current “Host” systems.  In parallel EDI and Web Visibility systems were managed to enhance the supply chain. Created requirements, procedures, plans, and executed a deployment of the new Warehouse Management System.  Conducted with DC management all new business process flows. Conducted all system and business training (employee, supervisor as well as superuser).  Provided 24 x 7 DC business operational support.

WMS Design and Development: Configured hardware and installed WMS system in four distribution centers.  Performed base software full upgrade to JAVA.  Conducted operational conference room pilots (CRPs) to identify and prioritize functional requirements.  Conducted a technical conference room pilot (CRP-T) to identify and prioritize platform and interfacing requirements.

Worked with client on hardware, database, tools, disaster recovery, etc., evaluation, purchase and set up.  Led a group of sub-project teams to architect how all “new” systems would interact.  Ported software from AIX to Sun Solaris.  Upgraded systems to be Oracle 9i compatible.

Integration:  Built complete integration layer via Web Services and webMethods EAI, connecting Procurement, Order Management, EDI, Transportation, Supply Chain Visibility, and WMS.

Created designs, software development, system testing and integrations testing.  Managed all code promotion, tracking and version control.  Implemented first site, including data conversion tool development, DC set up, training and support. 

Worked with operations to develop and deploy pre and post KPI measurement programs.  Developed complete system functional documentation, training documentation, architecture documentation and business process documentation. 

Worked with client to train full time resources for both business and technical expertise with WMS, with a deliverable to be “self” sufficient and capable after 2 weeks of operation.  Full design and joint management of system support. 

Full Process Reviews: Reviewed, designed, and implemented business process opportunities in the areas of Order Management, Distribution, Inventory Control, Transportation, and Reporting.

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility: Specified and implemented JAVA based systems to achieve full internet real-time visibility to inbound and outbound flows, inventory and DC KPI’s.

Distribution Processes:  Performed a full 360 on all distribution and transportation operations and implemented 80+ quick-wins, and several process improvement projects.  Implemented new measurements and KPIs to scorecard performance, including on-time processing and on-time delivery.

Product Flow Strategy:  Designed and implemented a flow method matrix with associated systems and business processes, to flow product from vendors to stores in the most efficient way for that sku, commodity type, vendor, sku importance, service level, etc.  Created mathematical model to flow product in the right factory pack and inner pack quantity.

Inventory Reduction:  Did detailed root cause analysis and implemented improvements in purchasing and flow strategies, to reduce days of supply / increase turns.

Demand Forecasting / Auto Replenishment:  Executed project to improve AR System with respect to product timing and optimal order quantity decisions.

Supply Chain Visibility and Event Management:  Conducted RFI / RFP vendor review for product selection of SCEM system.

Distribution Processes:  Overhaul and redesign of an early MARC WMS system.  Implemented detailed processing procedures for satellite storage & replenishment, receiving, putaway, mechanized/MHE replenishment (pallet-flow, case-flow, conveyor), pick-to-tote, break-pack, full case, full pallet, pick sortation, non-conveyables, packing, value-added-services, ship sortation, loading, and carrier manifesting.  Managed all specifications from design to customer sign off, software development, testing (system and integration), training, implementation and support.  Managed full system DC deployment.

Mechanization:  Beumer tilt tray sortation for pick/pack sort, and Mathews conveyors systems and slat shoe sortation for case-flow replenishment, case pick, induction tote staging, in-line scale interface for parcel weight/manifest, and parcel ship sorter for carrier and zip zone skipping.

Order Splitting Reduction:  Analyzed order patterns by commodity type and implemented procurement procedures (product profiling methods) to locate products at the “correct” distribution center.  Reduced shipment splits from 37 per hundred to 16 per hundred.

Order Sourcing Methods:  Implemented improved order sourcing methods and shorts reprocessing methods, to reduce carrier costs (optimization of zip zone / service level / carrier cost).

Supply Chain Visibility and Purchasing Procedures:  Implemented improved replenishment procedures with Procurement group.  Main thrust was increased inventory flow visibility via implementation of real-time supply-chain visibility solutions.

Demand Forecasting:  Implemented I2 Demand Planner for three vendors.  Implemented business processes with Merchandising and Buying groups.

The BIS PMO (Project Management Office)  Overview

  • Full-service, value-added, program, and project management group that covers program and project audit, rescue, execution, and optimization. We provide fantastic PMs that are adept at providing a helping hand leading and directing your team, be it as a helping hand or at running a project in its entirety.
  • Our program and project managers have diverse backgrounds in IT and Business and are multi-disciplinary domain experts in the following areas:
    • Time and Attendance and Workforce Management
    • Transportation
    • Retail – consumer-facing and manufacturing
    • Demand and Fulfillment
    • Loss Prevention
    • Pharmacy Operations
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Our delivery methodology commences with waterfall or SAFE Agile but is then adapted to incorporate client-specific requirements. Throughout the lifecycle of the project we have weekly health-checks to identify and address any risks before they become issues. The health-check covers the following areas:
    • Financial compliance and health
    • Delivery compliance and health
    • Solution compliance and health
  • Or execution methodology has allowed us to successfully deliver $80+ million dollars of projects and $300+ million dollars of ROI for our customers.

Apparel Project Lifecycle Management

  • Solutioned and deployed a brand new apparel PLM tool within an established business
  • Business benefits included a single KPI dashboard for all aspects of the apparel business including manufacturing and vendor scorecards allowing for IMU (initial markup) improvement across the business
  • The project delivered top-line sales improvement for the business

Mobile POS

  • Designed and deployed a mobile checkout solution that was integrated into an existing point of sale
  • Deployed 1000 bi-lingual mobile POS units to ~400 stores
  • Business benefits included a much improved customer experience, via line-busting, during high-volume periods (Christmas)

Technology Stack Replatform

  • Replaformed an entire back-office platform from end-of-life to a supported operating system
  • This project included the migration, refactoring, substituting, and regression testing custom-coded software components
  • Delivered a light-touch highly-automated deployment tool to reduce roll-out costs

Point of Sale Release Planning

  • Delivered a streamlined process for six annual releases of the POS into production
  • This process included the collection and prioritization of requests from numerous business units
  • The establishment of a funding model to differentiate between IT and Business requests
  • The establishment of an overlapping testing pipeline to reduce the testing cycles but still, ensure adequate coverage
  • The hand-off of the release to production support and the impacted stores

Employee Discount Program

  • Implemented an automated solution tying the employee discount program to a customer loyalty program thereby eliminating the need for an employee discount card
  • This project eliminated ~90,000 custom cards and the associated replacement and management of those cards
  • Integrated the HR system into workflow for automated provisioning, thereby eliminating the manual maintenance of each employee in the program

Employee Shift Scheduling Project

  • Implemented an employee self-service capability to swap shifts and flag availability via their mobile phones
  • The project resulting in a multi-million labour savings by eliminating the need for managers to get involved with employee shift schedules

Cosmetic Dermatology Stores

  • Delivered a project to integrate cosmetic dermatology services into existing retail locations. This represented a new revenue stream for an established business
  • Delivery of software integration, site setup, rollout and stabilization

Pharmacy Acquisitions

  • Executed a project to integrate 40 independent pharmacies into an existing pharmacy business thereby expanding the service coverage and customer foot print
  • Delivery included integration of POS and RX systems, data conversion, infrastructure normalization, and process standardization

Retails Label and Signage

  • Designed and deployed multi-lingual retail signage solution for 1400 stores
  • The solution delivered customer-facing signs and labels that were used to promote various marketing strategies including pricing promotions and customer loyalty

Quality Inspection Management and Quality Management

  • Designed and delivered an SAP QM (Quality Management) and QIM (Qualitiy Incident Management) across all distribution centers in a network
  • The solution required extensive integration with SAP ECC, Opentext Content Server, SAP Portal, and numerous third-party vendors
  • The solution was used by the Food Safety teams for audit management, vendor performance, and food certification
  • The solution provided a single source for the monitoring and associated corrective actions to help reduce consumer incidents and product recalls